Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back in the kitchen

Hey bakers and shakers,

I know the ones reading this range from no one to very few. But just in case there are a very few, I wanted to let you know that Bigdalucci's is on its way back up and at it. This buttercream babe is mixing it up and turning up the heat. So keep an eye out for the ramblings and pictures of my trials and errors in the kitchen.

Wish me luck in all that is sweet ~ Elizabeth

Monday, February 06, 2012

A Cake a Week - Week Two

This is a three layer yellow cake, filled with ganache, frosted with a vanilla wedding icing.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Cake a Week - Week One

Last week was my first week for my new project, a cake a week. I was asked to make a sheet cake and a smash cake for an adorable little boy turning one. They were having a monster birthday bash theme and I wanted to do something to match that. So I made him his own little friendly monster to eat up.

The cake is a full yellow sheet cake, with chocolate filling, and vanilla frosting.

And this little guy is a lemon pound cake, vanilla frosting, and two cake pop eyes.

I am looking forward to my next cake project.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Cake A Week

I am starting yet another new project. A cake a week:) I don't bake for my church anymore therefore I'm not getting in the practice I was for a while. So I am going to start baking a cake a week. When I'm not baking for someone my baked goods will go to the United Methodist Church on Washington Street's food shelter. I'm excited:)

Project 365 Day 172 - 185

Day 172 -
Every now and then I get an itch to do something exciting. Go see a Broadway show, an art gallery, anything really that's exciting and related to the arts. But that's not often possible. But I'm a lucky girl. I have my downtown library which always has something going on. Right now they have their walls full of egg art. How many people get to see hundreds of ways eggs can be art in the same spot?

Pretty neat stuff:)

Day - 173 - Insanity is insane!!!

Day 174 - Rob and I came back home from a workout with our church (at 8 in the morning), and as were pulling in I asked Rob who had drawn our family on our car. He didn't even know it was there. It's very cute. But whoever drew it either doesn't know we have our cat Arnie, or they left him out. Maybe I should go draw him in myself.

Day 175 - I will be Inspired.
I will see the Good.
I will Love and be Loved.
I will give Thanks.

Day 176 -
I like to make fun of us Army wives that wherever we go we bring litters of children with us. Our homes always end up looking like daycares.

I wouldn't have it any other way though. I love all of our crazy children:)

Day 177 - Today was a day worth celebrating in the Bigda household. I bought a Cricut Cake! :) I hope it is as exciting as I hear it is. Of course I bought it online, so the fun will have to wait.

Day 178 -
 I'm taking my baking to the dinner table. Asparagus and Gruyere Quiche. I've made plenty of guiches before, but this one was much more exciting. My mom bought me an amazing baking book for Christmas, and in it are lots of ideas on how to bake for snacks, lunches, and dinners. Yay!

Day 179 -
Having young children is wonderful. These are the times that drive us moms up the wall but the same times that we will always miss as our children get older. But these treasured times are not easy. Especially when you are alone with these sweet angels;)

One of the tough parts of being a mom of little ones, is we tend to get left out a lot. For the most part I'm sure this is for the military wife/mom, being that we are far from grandparents, sisters, childhood friends who love our children enough to care for them ... that sort of thing. But either way, we seem to be in our own catagory. Maybe when our children grow we are no longer interested in having little children around. Maybe us moms are too unorganized and always running late. Maybe we just forget as our children grow, what it is like to multitask and get a family of young ones ready and out the door. I'm sure I will some day find out what the reasons are. But till then, the girls and I will get a lot of alone time. As will many of my friends and their children.

But as I said earlier. These times are tough, but they are also cherished. In life there always has to be downs with ups. That is just the way of the world.

When my girls are older and my life becomes more managable, will I have friends with little ones?Maybe ... maybe not;)

Day 180 - Everyone had to know that the Cricut Cake was going to make the cut for Project 365. Though I have yet to be able to use it, I am very excited. Knowing me, it will take longer than it should to get the hang of it. But I hope to be good friends with this machine soon:)

Day 181 - Laughter.

Some days, aka, most days, we tend to get overwhelmed with the stress, the to do lists, the demands that life has to offer. But sometimes it's great to just have a great time. Tonight I let the girls stay up wayyyyyyyyyy past their bedtime (Daddy had duty). Part of our new found time was occupied with watching funny videos online. The girls had such a great time. I haven't heard them laugh that hard at the same thing for a while now.

Day 182 - I am proud to say that I am succesfully passing some of my great taste down to the girls. Musicals, operas, classic dance moves;), and great music. One being Michael Jackson. The girls have always watched and listened too Michael, but the real obsession lately has been Scream. Michael has for sure NOT taken over the love of Lady Ga Ga, but he's still being talked about enough to keep me happy. Of course her walking around all day staying, stop pressuring me, may cause some alarm for others;)

Day 183 -
Today was a gloomy day. Rain and fog. Not great weather for a great mood, but it is great weather for nice pictures:)

Day 184 - We all went out looking at houses today. Anne and Isabella loved the backyards the most. The only way to convince them to leave one house without causing a scene, was to tell them that that house will also have a backyard.

Anne found this in one of the yards. She held on to it so dearly her grip barely even let up while she was sound asleep.

The funny thing is, we have a perfectly nice backyard at this house. I'm not sure why these other yards are so special. Hopefully when we move into one of those houses, the thrill of the backyard will still be there.

Day 185 - Today I got to try out my Cricut for the first time. Way more difficult than I would have liked, but just a good reason to use it more for practice:) The design came out really rough and it feel apart when I removed it from the mat. But it was a start. I will be making more fondant today and often till I figure this thing out!